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What Do You Do with Your Old White Goods and Electronics?

So you have mustered enough motivation to carry out some rubbish removal. It is time to address the clutter. It is easy for many of your items, but what about all of the electronics and white goods that you no longer need?

There are a few viable strategies that you can resort to. Throwing the useless junk out is not always the best solution as you are about to learn. In fact, it is the worst thing you can do, since most of the electronic devices you want to discard are still valuable. Even if you don’t realise it, electronics make for a very bad choice for waste removal, as they pollute the environment in a bad way. Instead of doing that, look at what else you can do with them:

  • Reuse the old electronics or parts of them – repurposing part of your electronic devices is the best solution you can resort to, or let a rubbish removal team take care of them. For example, turning your outdated computer into a test subject to try out a new operational system or finally learn how to handle a certain software without fear of anything going wrong is a great idea. As for last generation mobile and tablet devices, you have plenty of options. Think of turning a tablet into a digital frame and an old smartphone into a Skype phone. Why send them to the rubbish collection pile in this case when you can use them. If you don’t want to use the entire device, you can still use some parts of it.
  • Upcycle your electronics – upcycling involves transforming needless junk that you would otherwise discard in your rubbish disposal bin into other usable items. As absurd as it may sound, upcycling computer parts is not only possible, but also makes for astounding results. It does take some creativity to turn the monitor into a fish tank for example, but there are other projects much easier than this one, for example a cat bed.
  • Make a gift – just because you are not using an electronic device or a large appliance this doesn’t mean that you should be quick to dispose of it. Instead, you can ask your friend and relatives if they need it and gift it to them. An alternative to that is to post said items on sites like Craigslist as someone there might find them useful. One man’s junk removal outcome is another man’s treasure, as they say!
  • Trade your outdated electronics – trade-in options are becoming more and more popular. You can now search for trade-in options. Amazon is one of the most popular options – sending them your electronics can get you some gift cards in return, which is a more than welcome trade. An easier option is to rely on a house clearance service to take care of your electronics.
  • Sell your electronics – re-selling your devices is now easier than ever, with multiple online auctions catering to such group of products. It is a fantastic alternative to waste disposal, which will not only get rid of the unwanted electronic clutter in your home, but also make you some money in the process.
  • Donate to a charity organisation – when you exhaust all other options, you can always consider donation. Donating to a good cause is a great way to find new home for your belongings. Look for places that will accept your old computer and turn it into a working device for schools and other such institutions. A fine way to end your junk clearance job!

Resort to these strategies when you want to get rid of some electronics or white goods. Do not just get rid them as common waste, as they are a valuable resource!