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How to Keep the Costs of Your Move to London to a Minimum

Lambeth is a small district where people enjoy the communal spirit and literary arts above most other things. If you decide to direct your man and van here, then you will have a lot to enjoy if you fall in either one of these groups. And what’s best, with the simple life led here, you don’t even need much money to thrive in this urban environment. So in order to keep your finances as intact as possible, you can keep the costs of house relocation to the minimum. How? Read below:

#1 – Downsize

Clear out all your clutter and have fewer things to move; that, consequentially, means less money spent on movers. You need to be merciless when dealing with clutter and forget about sentimentality – after all, do a few decorations really matter considering the big picture?

#2 – Have a Yard Sale

And then, you can have a yard sale to sell off everything you decide to leave behind. Who knows, with enough sold you might even partially finance the upcoming move to London. That, of course, does not mean to pump up the prices – let the buyers decide and keep them happy, and get an extra pound to spend for relocating to London.

#3 – Pick the Packing Supplies Smartly

Of course, you do not have to get your packing materials from the moving company. You can get boxes from almost any shop. Sealing tape is attainable everywhere, and bubble wrap can be replaced with newspaper.

#4 – Get Help

Another way to cut your fee for the move is to not hire an entire team of house movers. Call your friends, buy them a beer with the money from the yard sale… and then put them to work. Have them help with the packing, or loading. You might as well cut the cost of hiring help whatsoever if you have a friend dedicated enough to drive all your things to London.

#5 – Make Use of a Moving Van

The cheapest option you can hope for when it comes to removal services is to use van hire London. It is the next best thing after a man and a van service and it will serve you well. If you could use the extra hand, then just book a man with a van and get the best of both worlds – a vehicle and a professional helper. The cost is affordable, in comparison to what a whole team will charge you.

At the end of the day, the relocation to London will be a successful and inexpensive one if you know how to handle your finances. Use these simple tips and see how easy it is to do it without breaking the bank.