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How To Find Good Tradesmen – Painters & Decorators

Why should I hire a professional?

There’s no reason why you have to hire a professional decorator, if you have the time and attention to detail you could do a DIY decorating job and still achieve professional-looking results. However you may feel that after spending lots of money extending or renovating your home that you want the final touches to be just perfect or you may not have the time to do the work yourself, in which case it is important to find a good quality decorator that will do the job to the standard you expect at a price that’s fair.

Where can I find a good painter or decorator?

If you are looking for a decorator ask your friends and families for their recommendations. Decorating may not have the safety-connotations attached to the electrical and plumbing industries so specific government regulations aren’t in place, but this makes it even more important to find a decorator who is professional and who you can trust. Ask what work they have done previously – is it of a similar nature and scale to what you require of them? If possible ask for references, if they are professional they shouldn’t object to this request.

What sort of questions should I ask my decorator before and during an inside paint job?

Before you hire a painter or decorator you should ask him questions about the standard of his work, does he make sure the area is clean of dust and dirt before beginning? Will he clean the walls or are you expected to prepare the surface? Make sure that your decorator fills in holes and cracks and feel free to inspect this work before the next stage of decorating continues. You should determine whether or not he intends to prime the surfaces and with what, if primed with an oil paint, a top layer of water based paint won’t stick firmly. Also ask whether or not the decorator thins the paint and by how much: thinning the pain to make it workable is acceptable, thinning it to save money is not.

What sort of questions should I ask my decorator for an outside paint job?

If you hire a decorator to paint the outside of your house the outer wall may need power washing prior to painting to get rid of stubborn dirt, ensure that your decorator intends to do this. If there are any cracks in the outer wall they should be filled with Bondo, which is rain and humidity resilient. Spackling is not suitable for exposed walls as it absorbs moisture and swells.

Asking the right questions before and during the decorating process is important because it shows to your decorator that you know what you’re talking about and that his work will be fully inspected. Never pay for a decorator upfront and only pay for the work done when you are fully satisfied.